From their first follow to purchase,
referall and beyond.

I use a data-driven approach to build a stronger relationship with your audience, taking them farther along their customer journey, faster.

Let’s build that journey  
with intention. ︎ Details

1. Develop a Cohesive, Unique Brand.

Differentiation is the key to success.

By synthesizing what makes your product offering unique and ensuring that the product is clearly reflective of this understanding. This is rapid prototyping for brand development; leaving you with insights and strategy for brand positioning, copy, creative direction, and user experience.

2. Map Your Customer Journey.

Operationalize the customer development process.

Beginning with mapping your customer journey and adding tracking for key metrics specific of your business. This helps you understand customer acquisition and retention, which helps define your customer development strategy.

3. Implement recurring actions that systematize sales + community building.

Improve and accelerate that journey.

Identify the quickest actions to take for improving commitment and trust. Then, automate the customer development process with new actions.

Why Choose David?

With you hitting your stride in building a book of business and growing a team, I can be a resource for both internal brand development and improving the lives of your customers by bringing my expertise to build a brand, to your and your clients.

I’ve been marketing and community building for the last 7 years. I built Death to Stock, a SAAS business with a community of over 500,000 subscribers and brought in $1.5Million all with $0 in advertising.

Below is a sample of my work:

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