Community and Customer Development.


With the focus on building software applications, prototyping and technology, many startups and enterprises lack an equivalent focus on marketing, customer development and growth.

To help brands become customer and community focused,  there is a compelling opportunity to integrate the following services into your business building efforts. 

  • Customer Onboarding and Feedback Loops
  • Strategic UX Design and Copywriting
  • Targeted Brand Marketing and Distribution

While clients focus on the development of products, I offer the ability to initiate community development, marketing and strategy with the intent to build recurring marketing and sales.

Business is a growing commitment between you and your customer.

Each stage of commitment increases customer activation, engagement and trust.

I use a data-driven approach to build a stronger relationship with your audience, taking them farther along their customer journey, faster.

From their first follow to purchase, referral, infinity and beyond. Turn your business into a community building machine by nurturing your best customers and community.


Phase 1:  Create Your Commitment Map.

  • Audit every business touch points to identify the full map of your customer’s journey.

Phase 2: Define immediate wins to improve and accelerate that journey.

  • Identify the quickest actions to take for improving commitment and trust.

Phase 3 (ongoing): Implement recurring actions that systematize sales + community building.

Automating the customer development process with new actions.

  • Every month, identify 3 areas for customer development journey improvements (or marketing) and plan, test, implement, and operationalize them.

Let’s build that journey  
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Why Choose David?

With you hitting your stride in building a book of business and growing a team, I can be a resource for both internal brand development and improving the lives of your customers by bringing my expertise to build a brand, to your and your clients.

I’ve been marketing and community building for the last 7 years. I built Death to Stock, a SAAS business with a community of over 500,000 subscribers and brought in $1.5Million all with $0 in advertising.

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