Build a brand that shines through the noise. 

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For the past 6 years, I created Death to Stock.
We are a fully bootstrapped, remote company, used by brands like Twitter, Visa, Xero and TED.
DTS grew to 500k+ subscribers and $1.5M in revenue without advertising.
Read the “Brand Story” here.

Today I teach people how to stop feeling like they’re yelling into the crowd, and instead win by understanding the right message that creates more results.

You’ve been following tactics to compete for scraps, I help you to be natural and find Marketing that works, for you.

A brand is a mirror of it’s creators.

Let’s wipe off the dust from your mirror to help your most remarkable traits shine through.

My work might be for you if...

1. Your peers are finding success with the seemingly typical “tactics” but somehow you’re not.

2. You want it to grow and create a permanent advantage, but you keep having to go back to the “Well” for new ideas. 

3. You’re not afraid of investing, in fact you’ve already invested a lot. The problem is you haven’t gotten a return that’s permanent.

4. You know you have a special story and product, but your customers for some reason don’t see that.

How I work with Founders and Teams:

My work is in picking up threads of your brand and product to weave together a story that is unique and compelling. 

Because Marketing touches all aspects of community, product, process and team, I work best with founders and small teams teaching them to consistently show up and build an organization that creates community, customers, and connection.

I also help with Naming, Positioning, Creative Direction and Process.

Questions for you:

What would it be worth to no longer have to keep spending money on marketing and sales tactics that don’t work?

What would it be worth, to no longer be stuck?

What would it be worth to no longer keep fighting for scraps in your market?

What would it be worth to stand out, be yourself, and do your best work every day?

Better understand yourself, to Better understand your message.

If you feel that you or your organization has the DNA to become a killer brand and business, I’d be happy to speak with you to understand and discuss further.


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Generously Human The Future of Marketing is community building.

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Marketing Consulting

I keep limited time for brands that I can dedicate myself to assisting to develop into natural marketing machines, through repositioning and change driven approach to community building.


As  part of brand development strategy,  I have found myself
naming and helping brand a surprising number of products. 

Creative Direction

you cannot build a great website without having great photography. You can however have a killer looking brand, with lesser quality design or websites if your photography is amazing.

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