Two competing companies lose their factory in a fire, one fails, and the other comes out stronger. 
What made the difference?


See the thing is, the scarce asset today is attention. (when it used to be the factory).

If you’ve got interested individuals who crave your product and love your brand you will weather any storm.

You might crowdfund the rebuild, or possibly pre-sell a unique burnt-item inventory line, or maybe the demand is so great you now can build a bigger factory.

Your potential and opportunities are unlimited if people are paying attention because they care.

And none of this is possible without attention and trust.
It’s the ultimate competitive advantage.

Instead of shouting to build an audience, or chasing ever higher ad-budgets with less ROI, what if there is another way?

I help you build a community that receives what you create with gratitude, instead of feeling yelled at and ignoring it.

And I’ve done it more than just once.

Growing a community to over 500,000 subscribers from around the globe all without any advertising. (Zero)

And it pays.

Selling over $1.5Million+ (Without shouting).

I would love to help your brand build it’s community:

  • Create a content strategy that builds attention with the right people. 
  • Develop internal processes for building on your relationships with key custtomers and audience members. 
  • Discover opportunities for proactive connection between members. 


Please use this form if you’d like to enquire about developing your brand’s community.

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