Lead Yourself

Honest Answers to Your Biggest Creative Challenges.

What the world never told you about:

  • Maintaining Creative Courage 
  • Building confidence
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Engaging in the world fully.
  • Raising your bar higher. 
  • Taking action.

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The Struggle...

For Artists

"I took on too many things (new day job, very intensive and time-consuming evening course) and now I barely have time or energy to continue getting (interesting.) proofreading and translation work. "

–– Claire

"I've been full of the creative energy to start projects lately, but with my full-time school and multiple part-time jobs I'm worried I won't be able to get any of them done on time, let alone all of them. It's difficult to choose where to put my energy and to find the time to see them through. "

–– Patricia

For Creators

"I put a lot of pressure on myself to write, and I still really struggle with putting my stuff out there. I suspect a lot of my best work is sitting in my saved drafts."

–– Biba

"I know I'm a creative person, but I can't seem to figure out what to put that creative drive behind. Being a recent college grad, I am presented with many paths my life could take. And while I do believe you can change your life path at any age/time, I often freeze in the face of the multitude of options I have at this current crossroads."

–– Haley

For Freelancers

"Feeding all the fires between current clients, wrapping up reviews and portfolios with past clients, and nurturing new ideas/projects. I thrive off of challenging myself and finding balance. But sometimes the new ideas are too enticing and I'd rather dream about the future than do today's work."

–– Katy

"My biggest challenge is indecisiveness leading to not finishing an idea out of my comfort zone. I create instrumentals for music licensing and recently have felt stuck overthinking quality, which then led to abandoned projects. Self doubt led to a graveyard of beats. "

–– Mario
The Solution...

5 Chapters on the cause of creative blocks.

1. Getting Unstuck Creatively

2. No more creative ups and downs.

3. Permanent Flow.

4. The True Source of Stress.

5. Maintaing your energy. 

5 Chapters on Leading yourself and Others:

6. Power Dynamics (between you and others).

7. Leading Yourself.

8. Where Willpower Comes From.

9. Giving your all.

10. Taking Action.

Permanent growth... 

Creative Clarity.

I cannot describe the sense of peace this gives me, or the relief that brings. You may well have saved a life today. Thank you <3.

–– Chris

Increased Productivity.

A simple reminder of what you already know, but can so easily forget, is sometimes all you need.

––– Erik

Reduced Anxiety.

It’s so funny that you get just what you need, when you need it.

–– Janice

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