⚡Naming Powers⚡

I use part Magic part Mechanics to put a name and brand to the product in your head.

Past Names:

Death to the Stock Photo

Changing the landscape of digital stock media.

Creative Caffeine

Undiscussed topics about creative work.

Left Camera

A crowd-generated photo project for cities.

Strap and Scale

A magazine about building startups in the Midwest.

No Agenda

A peek behind the curtain with your favorite internet artists.

The Mystery USB

An Emergy-Use USB stick to get you unstuck creatively.


A crowdfunding platform for creatives to involve their
networks in their growth.

The Stuck Book

Pick this up when you don’t know what to do next.

New Money

A podcast about the Fintech and Blockchain revolution.


My first freelance brand (2012-2013)

Let’s name your journey 
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Why Choose David?

With you hitting your stride in building a book of business and growing a team, I can be a resource for both internal brand development and improving the lives of your customers by bringing my expertise to build a brand, to your and your clients.

I’ve been marketing and community building for the last 7 years. I built Death to Stock, a SAAS business with a community of over 500,000 subscribers and brought in $1.5Million all with $0 in advertising.

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