My Set Up 

(Current favorite Tools)  
Updated September 30, 2018

To-Do List, And Personal Wiki: Notion

After testing out a wide array of tools, from Evernote, to Trello and Wunderlist, I landed on Notion for my external brain. The best part about Notion is that it combines all of those tools in one, and allows you to add collaborators. Right now I’m using it primarily as a To-Do list and wiki for my email subscribers. It continues to impress.

Social and Design: Unfold

Unfold is like Squarespace but for your Instagram. Basically, it has a series of minimal and clean templates that assis your Stories design. But you can pull it and use it for other items as well, like email, or sharing them to other networks like Facebook or Twitter.

If you want to have great design, quickly – Unfold is a shortcut.

Research and Moodboarding: Arena

Arena is my secret weapon. It’s a place to collect ideas, but also to see how other people are collecting ideas. Weird channels pop up, from film-stills to organizing every mode of transportation visually...

Personally I use Arena for my:

  • Copywriting Inspiration
  • Photo Mood Board
  • Place to Surf when bored
  • Saving noteworthy links

Community Management + Networking: Davidbot (coming soon)

A private a tool I built for myself to manage communities. After Davidbot handles all of my own needs, I’ll make this publicly available for others looking to build and maintain their networks and communities.

Reading List: Pocket

I typically read on my phone, and more and more I’m reading blogs over books or Kindle. So pocket is how I curate lists of things to read each day. Using the chrome extension and the iPhone app, I can fill my reader with links and then get through them each night after dinner.

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