Marketing Foundations

Which benefits need to be shown most?
How do you stand out in a crowded market?
What makes your brand unique? 
Which channels are most effective?

It all starts with a clear picture. 

Sometimes we feel to close to our own products to truly see the huge marketing opportunities in front of us.

Great marketing translates your genuine story and promise, into customers that understand and line up to get behind your product.

When a team, product and message are aligned to spread a the word to the right people, you can sell work you’re proud of that also makes you money.

Marketing Foundations is labor-saving, outline and plan for how your company does marketing.  It reduces work, decisions, inconsitencies, and improves results.

1. Research

10-20 interviews, recorded, documented and transcribed with key team members, customers and stakeholders to build a cohesive narrative for the company’s unique charachteristics, products and positioning in the market.

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Outlines of brand tone, personality, communication style and product pitch all in one shareable, editable document that a team can use as a wiki for onboarding and foundations of marketing.

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3. Marketing Foundations

Tactical organization of the brand’s key marketing plans. This service prioritizes a team’s focus on areas that are driving the most efficient results, with a prioritized plan of 3 future marketing intiatives to be documented and implemented.

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A la carte, or bundled.

Ranging from $2,500-$8,000 depending on scope, research and customer interviews.

Who’s it for:

  • New Brands and Pre-Launch Products
  • Growing startups, looking to get intentional and scale. 
  • Marketing teams at corporations working on new products.
 Abilities include:  

  • Research –– Customer interviews.

  • Copywriting –– Concise tone, personality and guidelines for communications.

  • Marketing Plan and Outline –– defining a concise operational plan for marketing your product.

  • Brand “Origin Story Document” –– Preserving the heart and soul of the magic in the founding of the company or brand in a written document. Great for about pages, and onboarding.

  • Creative Therapy –– Discussions with founders and CEO’s as a sparring partner/mirror for helping work through challenges and return to work energized.

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